Flat-water paddling is easily accessible and a fun way to enjoy the summer. We offer kayak and paddle board lessons and tours in North Lake Tahoe. Those new to paddling should join us for a lesson before joining a tour.

Schedule & Rates

Tahoe Paddle Sports takes place in North Lake Tahoe. Reservations are by request for July, August, and September. To request a reservation, please email [email protected].

The rate is $150 for a three hour lesson or tour for up to two people. Additional people are $50 each. Rate includes all equipment. Please bring your own drinking water and snacks. We’ll provide you with more information once you sign up.

If cost is a barrier to your ability to participate with Achieve Tahoe, please apply for a scholarship here.

Participant Forms

Please complete and return the following forms prior to participating in an activity with us. 

  1. Participant Information Form
  2. Liability Releases (be sure to fill out releases 1, 2 and 3)

Completed forms can be sent by email, fax or mail.

Email to: [email protected]
Fax to: (530) 999-2245
Mail to: Achieve Tahoe, P.O. Box 8339, Truckee, CA 96162

COVID-19 Criteria:

  1. Participant and care provider need to be able to follow directions in order to perform a self rescue and be capable of performing a self rescue. 
  2. Maintain social distancing protocol of 6 feet of separation from non-related parties independently or with the assistance of a care provider.
  3. Wear an appropriate protective face covering that covers nose and mouth for all times mandated by current Achieve Tahoe protocols.
  4. Attest independently or with the assistance of a care provider whether one has potentially been exposed to or has contracted COVID19.
  5. Remove oneself from the activity independently or with the assistance of a care provider if showing signs of illness.

Essential Eligibility Criteria for Participation

For the health and safety of our community, in order to participate in the Achieve Tahoe Paddle Sports Program, a participant must meet the criteria listed below.

  • If the participant has had a traumatic injury, or surgery/medical treatments that affected your activities of daily living in the past 12 months, they can only participate with a doctor’s release.
  • If help is needed with bladder or bowel routine, feeding tube, or administering prescription medications care provider or family member will be present to assist.
  • Participant can be independent of supplemental oxygen for a sustained period of time at high elevations.
  • Participant is able to turn face-up from a face-down floating position in the water, while wearing a life vest.
  • For participants with Down Syndrome, the participant must have been examined by a physician for Neurologic Symptoms of Atlantoaxial Instability, found the symptoms to be absent, and has been cleared to participate in high risk sports.

Locations for Tahoe Paddle Sports

Tahoe Paddle Sports can take place in various locations around North Lake Tahoe. We typically launch trips out of the Tahoe Vista Boat Launch on Lake Tahoe.

Sign Up

Tahoe Paddle Sports are by request only. Please contact 530.581.4161 x6 or [email protected] to arrange your dates.

If cost is a barrier to your ability to participate with Achieve Tahoe, please apply for a scholarship here.