Learn to climb with Achieve Tahoe. Participants will work one-on-one with an instructor to learn climbing techniques, rope management, and safety communication. Our staff and volunteers are ready to help people of all abilities and skill levels achieve their climbing goals.

2022 Schedule & Rates



July 20, 23, 27, and 30

August 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, and 27

September 1, 8, 10*, 15, 17, 22, 24*, and 29

October 1*, 6, 8, 13, and 15

*All asterisked dates will be outdoor climbing sessions


Indoor Climbing: 1pm – 4pm

Outdoor Climbing: 9am – 11am


$25 per person

If cost is a barrier to you ability to participate with Achieve Tahoe, please apply for a scholarship.



*Since Climbing is indoors, all unvaccinated participants are required to wear masks.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please give notice of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance to receive an Achieve Tahoe credit, which can be used towards any future Achieve Tahoe Program.  

If you are sick, or feeling sick, please contact Achieve Tahoe to cancel your reservation as far in advance as possible, and before the start of the program. In the case of illness, you can either:

  • Request a credit, which can be used towards any future Achieve Tahoe Program
  • Request a refund, minus at 15% processing fee.


For the health and safety of our community, in order to participate in the Achieve Tahoe Climbing Program, a participant must meet the criteria listed below.

  • If the participant has had a traumatic injury, or surgery/medical treatments that affected your activities of daily living in the past 12 months, they can only participate with a doctor’s release stating that they have been cleared to participate in high-risk sports.
  • If help is needed with bladder or bowel routine, feeding tube, or administering prescription medications care provider or family member will be present to assist.
  • Participant must be able to breathe independently without any medical devices that sustain breathing.
  • For participants with Down Syndrome, the participant must have been examined by a physician for Neurologic Symptoms of Atlantoaxial Instability, found the symptoms to be absent, and has been cleared to participate in high risk sports.

Location of Climbing Program

Location coming soon

Sign Up

Please complete and return the following forms to sign up for Climbing.

  1. Participant Information Form
  2. Liability Releases 1, 2, and 3
  3. TDRPD and TCPUD Forms Coming Soon

Once you have completed all your forms, you will be sent a link to sign up for summer programs starting May 5, 2022.

If you have any questions about this program or the reservations process, please call us for assistance at 530.581.4161 x 6.

If cost is a barrier to your ability to participate with Achieve Tahoe, please apply for a scholarship.

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