On Friday, July 9th and Sunday, July 11th the Achieve Tahoe hiking team hit the Truckee River Legacy Trail, a paved bike path along the Truckee River. Starting out at Riverview Sports Park in Truckee, the group headed east towards Glenshire following the river. Though the trail was paved, there were some little hills and cracks in the concrete, so everyone made sure to choose their path carefully. Along the trail, daisies and other wildflowers were starting to pop up.  During the Friday hike with the Tahoe Ability Program, everyone kept their eyes peeled for snakes and spiders, but the only creatures the group saw were big yellow swallowtail butterflies. We shared the trail with many bikers, so one participant took it upon himself to shout, “Biker!” whenever a biker approached so everyone had time to step to the side of the trail and stay safe. The weather was sunny and in the mid-90s, so the group took advantage of every inch of shade for water breaks. After lunch, we kicked off our archery program at Riverview Sports Park. Many participants shot a bow and arrow for the first time, and some people even started to hit the target!