My son Oscar, who is almost 20 and has Prader-Willi syndrome, started learning to ski with Achieve Tahoe when he was just 8 years old. We feared his low muscle tone, anxiety, and learning and behavioral issues would get in the way, but the staff were well-equipped to manage all of that and Oscar returned from each session so happy and confident. Now he can even ski with the family on the greens and easier blues…something we’d never thought would be possible.

And then this Spring, when COVID-19 hit, Oscar started the online fitness classes, and loves them! The instructors are kind, intuitive, and patient, and spending those 40 minutes with them is the highlight of his day. One day, when very few people showed up to class, the instructor encouraged Oscar to help lead the session!

In all of our experiences with Achieve Tahoe, Oscar is 100% a person first, which allows him to thrive and feel comfortable trying new things. We are so grateful!

– Mary Hill