This July, one of our long-time winter participants, Martin, came to our waterski program. He found success in waterskiing, and got the chance to try out Wake Island’s floating obstacle course. Here’s what he has to say about the experience.

My favorite part when I went to Wake Island was probably the time I went to the Aquapark which is a huge obstacle course in the middle of the waterpark and it has some fun parkour and ninja obstacles. Also when you sign up for waterskiing before or after your water skiing session you can go to this waterpark which is right next to the waterskiing lake. Also I found the cliff jump at the aquapark really scary but when I landed I felt extremely proud of myself for attempting the huge jump.

It was really exciting to stand up on the water skis and I felt really proud of myself for standing up on the water skis. I tried the water skis last year but I failed so this year I didn’t give up and I retried and this time I was successful at standing up on the water skis. Also water skiing was a lot different than snow skiing because I’m skiing on water and on a lake instead of like a mountain

Next time I would like to try the wakeboarding at the waterpark when I come back next year

I had a ton of fun at the waterpark and hope I can go back every year.

Thank you for helping me achieve standing up on the skis. It is always fun going water skiing and I hope I can join you guys every year.


Martin Archer

Achieve Tahoe Participant

Thank YOU Martin, for sharing your experience with us. We can’t wait to see you back at Wake Island soon!