Seven year old Eliza began learning how to ski with Achieve Tahoe two years ago. She’s known for her can-do spirit, positive attitude and bright outfits. When asked why she’d encourage other people to come to Achieve Tahoe she says: 

“I would say Achieve Tahoe is a place where you can learn how to ski and it’s lots of fun, and its really snowy and you can make snowballs and you can have as much fun as you want!”

Eliza’s mom, Cori, talks about their family’s experience at Achieve Tahoe:

“We feel like it’s been such a blessing to our family… A lot of the things that we want to do outdoors are a bit of a challenge with the wheelchair and trying to figure out how we’re going to make it accessible for Eliza because we don’t want to do these things without her. It’s been really, really nice to have skiing be something that our whole family can do together.
We’ve also been really impressed with how well the instructors work with her and help her feel a sense of independence and ownership…because she doesn’t get a lot of that in her everyday life. It’s really nice [skiing on] the mountain because…the instructors work with her to allow her to have that freedom.”

Eliza’s motto is: “If you don’t get it right, try again and don’t give up!”