Who can apply to be a volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 16.

When does volunteer training start?

Mandatory volunteer training takes place at the beginning of each program season. For snowsports, training starts in early December. For summer sports such as water skiing and paddling, training starts in May. Please check the volunteer job description for the program you are interested in for specific dates.

What if I can't attend the training day?

Training is mandatory for the safety and well-being of our participants and the experience we provide. Sometimes there is an option to find an alternate training date, but that is not guaranteed.

Do I have to have experience teaching people with disabilities?

No! Volunteers all share a passion and commitment to increasing access to outdoor recreation for people with disabilities. You will learn the necessary skills at training.

How often do I have to volunteer?

The volunteer commitment varies based on the program. Snowsports volunteers must commit to 8 days through the winter season. Summer program volunteers must commit to 5 days through the summer season.

I submitted my volunteer application. When will I hear back?

You will receive an email from the Volunteer Coordinator within a week of submitting your application.

Is everyone accepted as a volunteer?

No. All volunteers will complete a phone interview with a program staff member. The size of the volunteer team is limited, so if there is not space for a program during one season, you may be asked to join us the following season.

Is transportation provided for volunteers?

No. All volunteers must have their own, reliable transportation to arrive at each program location.

Can I get school or community service credit for volunteering at Achieve Tahoe?

Yes! We are happy to sign off on all hours that you volunteer with the program.

Are volunteers required to complete a background check?

Yes. Organized sport can be an environment at high risk for misconduct, including athlete physical and sexual abuse. Achieve Tahoe is committed to the safety of all those who participate in our programs. We have implemented a strong Sport Protection Policy to better protect our participants. Our Sport Protection Policy increases our community’s knowledge base, creates stronger detection and protection systems for our programs, and establishes barriers to entry for abusers. This policy is specific to all services provided directly through Achieve Tahoe, including special events, sports and outdoor recreation programs, and related activities.

What other training is required?

In addition to the background check, volunteers are required to complete an online training course provided by US CENTER FOR SAFE SPORT. If you would like more information about these policies, click HERE.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Please email or call [email protected] or (530) 581-4161 x5.