Brian, 2007-2008 intern

Hometown: Rock Springs, Wyoming
Current Employment: Firefighter

I learned that no matter who you work with you will learn something from that person. Every person has something to share and if you keep an open mind and positive attitude you will benefit from spending time with them, and hopefully you might be able to share some tiny bit of information with them too. In my current job I go into everyday knowing that I will gain knowledge and understanding from everyone I encounter and hopefully that will make me better at what I’m doing now.

Brian tethering a bi-ski on a sit-ski lesson

McKenzie, 2019-2020 intern

Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota
Current Employment: Medical Student

As an intern with Achieve Tahoe, I learned how to understand and communicate with those around me, especially those individuals with disabilities. I loved meeting all the participants and their families. Often, we worked with the same participant multiple times and were able to build a relationship with them. I am currently in my first year of medical school, hoping to go into Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or Neurology, and I can confidently say that my experience at Achieve Tahoe positively shaped the person and physician that I will be someday.

McKenzie leading a stand-up ski lesson

Taylor, 2020-2021 intern

Hometown: Flint, Michigan
Current Employment: Program Coordinator at Outdoors for All

Being an intern at Achieve taught me so many valuable lessons and helped me gain a skill set that has allowed me to continue my journey of having a career in adaptive sports. The knowledge and experience you gain while interning with Achieve is unlike any other internship out there; not to mention you leave with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

Taylor leading a snowboard lesson