Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Achieve Tahoe internship program?

Our internship program is designed to involve our team of interns in all aspects of our adaptive snowsports program. Typically, there will be a team of 4 interns. Interns play a fundamental role in the execution of the day-to-day operations including teaching adaptive snowsports, completing administrative projects, and participating in outreach and fundraising efforts. This program will provide interns with a real-world, hands-on learning experience while expanding their professional technical skills and refining their people skills. This program does NOT fulfill the requirements for a recreation therapy internship; however, it can be used for college credit.

Who should apply to become an intern?

We encourage anyone 18 or over with an interest in adaptive snowsports to apply!

When are internships offered?

Our internships will begin December 1st and last through April 30th. Due to the nature of our business, this commitment will require interns to remain at work during the holidays. Similarly, this internship is a full-time commitment and will not leave time for part-time, or outside work.

What does a typical work week for an intern look like?

A typical week for an intern will include the following responsibilities: teaching adaptive snowsports lessons, participating in on-hill and indoor clinics, assisting at various fundraising events, and maintenance of program equipment and the program center. This placement is a full-time, 40 hour/week internship. Interns will typically have two consecutive weekdays off (TBD). The work day is normally 8 am to 5 pm.

Do interns get paid?

This is not a paid internship. However, interns receive a small reimbursement to assist with living expenses.

Is housing included?

Yes! Housing is provided for the team of interns for the duration of the internship. Living with other interns presents a unique experience for personal growth and team building on a new level.

Are there intern benefits?

Interns at Achieve Tahoe will receive numerous benefits throughout the duration of the season. Some of these benefits include:

  • Support and guidance on your path to becoming a certified ski instructor through an in-house PSIA process
  • Access to equipment and special promotions
  • Clinics to improve your technical skiing knowledge and ability to teach a wide variety of people
  • Adaptive instructor training in multiple disciplines
  • A season pass to Palisades Tahoe ski resort (Includes access to Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows)
  • Unforgettable hands-on experience