Privacy Policy

Virtual Programming Privacy Policy

Thank you for joining Achieve Tahoe for a virtual program using the Zoom platform. Achieve Tahoe is committed to maintaining your privacy through all forms of technology used on platforms other than face to face meetings.

Our virtual program events are not intended for disclosure and discussion of protected health information but rather a platform to build health, confidence, and independence as well as connections with others that support these goals.  

We also understand that sharing one’s thoughts and opinions can still feel private and require some confidence in both the group itself and the technology platform being used. We are using Zoom as a platform currently approved by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that allow health care providers to serve patients through everyday communications technologies that are widely available during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency.  

Other Practices we use to protect your privacy related to any group content include:

  • Internet Connection: Achieve Tahoe will be using only a secure password protected internet connection.  
  • Secure Location: We will be sure that we are in a private location where there are no additional undisclosed people in the background who may hear you or be party to conversations.  
  • Recording: We will not be recording any audio or visual data from these programs. Any exceptions to this would require additional informed consent on your part and would only be related to creation of leisure or recreation-based output such as: digital artwork, music, etc.

Your role: The same privacy expectations that exist on the part of Achieve Tahoe extend to all group members.  

  • Internet connection: We recommend that you also use a password protected internet connection 
  • Recordings: Please do to not record, share or save audio or visual data.
  • Social boundaries:  Practices that allow everyone to feel comfortable and included are important.
    • What people see: Remember not only are you able to see others, but they are able to see you and those things immediately in your background.  Please choose a location in your house with consideration to the things you are comfortable sharing and that others may also be comfortable seeing.
    • What people hear: It can take some getting used to virtual meetings.  It can help everyone hear better if you mute your microphone if there are distracting noises in your environment and then unmute yourself to speak.
  • Patience: Lastly, we invite you to be patient with yourselves, with others, and with us as we all adjust to using a virtual platform for engaging in ways that feel meaningful and fun.  

Physical Activity: We may suggest physical activity or gentle movement as part of our session. All activities are voluntary.  If you have concerns, experience pain or other symptoms as a result of participation, please stop immediately and consider contacting your physician prior to continued participation.

By joining the Zoom meeting, you are indicating that have read, understand, and assume the risks and agreements of engaging in Achieve Tahoe programs via remote platforms such as Zoom.

Questions? Comments? Contact us: (530) 581-4161; [email protected].